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Wellness Facilitation

Wellness Facilitation

Wellness facilitation is grounded in an understanding of health is far more than treating symptoms of dis-ease and labels. True health comes from taking an integrated approach considering mind, body and spirit. To bring these into coherence allows us to move into our full health, our natural state.

In providing a safe, open and compassionate space we explore wellness. Wellness facilitation looks at the individual from many lenses with the goal to restore balance and harmony both inside and out. The approach taken will be decided based on the goals set out such as cognitive behavioural for a busy minds, stress regulation for over/under expression of emotions, etc. We consider food, habits, belief systems and family patterns where appropriate. Past traumas that may still be having an effect are explored and integrated where appropriate. Cultivating emotional intelligence, peace of mind and contentment with life

At Cúraim we appreciate the importance of finding the right therapist.

For this reason we offer an initial free consultation done over the phone to help you find the right therapist.
The initial consultation is offered through a senior therapist who is familiar with our full team of therapists.