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Hypnobirthing is a method utilized to guide and prepare women giving birth in a relaxed, and more peaceful manner. Hypnobirthing uses a program that accounts for the physical and psychological well-being of the mother, the partner, and the newborn. The choice of birthing place can be at home, in a pool, a hospital or birthing center, working alongside the medical profession, midwives and doulas.

During Hypnobirthing there is a focus on educating the mother to experience and foster a more relaxed approach to the birth of her newborn, giving special attention to breathing, relaxation, visualization self-hypnosis. The mother can use all of these tools during the labor, to create a birthing experience that reduces the time and discomfort of delivery.

When the mother is more relaxed and in tune with her body, she is able to feel more in control and therefore less discomfort. Her focus will be calm and relaxed to achieve a healthier birthing experience. If there are any complications, she will feel more prepared and aware of what needs to be addressed. Hypnobirthing can help shorten the recovery duration offering more time for the newborn to bond with the mother. When the mother has knowledge and confidence she feels more in control, to make choices and decisions for her birthing experience.
Through guided hypnosis and visualization, watching natural births, hearing positive birthing stories and listening to positive affirmations, a more normal approach to birthing is identified helping to remove the fear and apprehension that may be part of your narrative around childbirth in society today.

What Hypnotherapy can it help with?

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