Counselling & Psychotherapy

At Cúraim we aim to provide a safe, trusted space for individuals, couples and families to restore health and balance. Learning new ways of coping and expressing is important to maintain health throughout your life.
Through the therapeutic relationship we provide support and safety to explore, understand and often change old beliefs and behaviours. Through working together in this space personal development takes place, leading to improved quality of life, more freedom and empower you in the life you are living.

While in the past it was mainly crisis that bought people to seek therapeutic support these days, we
are seeking it out as a way to prevent crisis and sustain a healthy balanced life.

Our therapists are trauma informed.

Counselling & Psychotherapy can support you with:

The list below is to serve as a guide.

At Cúraim we appreciate the importance of finding the right therapist.

For this reason we offer an initial free consultation done over the phone to help you find the right therapist.
The initial consultation is offered through a senior therapist who is familiar with our full team of therapists.