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Approach & Values

Our therapeutic approach is psychosomatic (relating to the interaction of mind and body) and Integrative. The foundational approach I use is psychodynamic and I assimilate other schools of psychology as needed such as humanistic -existential and attachment and trauma based therapy. I have been greatly influenced by the psychological teachings of Carl Jung. Correspondingly I am deeply interested in working with the unconscious to expand awareness and augment change.
I am naturally an existential thinker and my innermost drive and passion is to cultivate change,contentment and resilience with people in a co-creational way and in doing so I utilize a blend of compassionate support and challenge to cultivate this in every human I meet. My deepest values are curiosity, authenticity and contentment and these values are transparent in the work that I do. A middle born child myself, I have a natural tendency toward mediation, be that the integrations of parts within the individual or within the relating of two people.
My approach also gives importance to the unconscious or hidden effects of disturbances that shape us such as childhood experiences, attachment relationships, emotional loss or trauma; which can be the root cause of depression, anxiety or repeated negative patterns which seem to have no discernible cause. These disturbances can find expression in compulsions, phobias,eating disorders, addictive behaviours as well as problematic career or relationship issues. I blend top down cognitive approaches with bottom up body based somatic techniques to access the many convoluted layers we are as humans to contribute to your individual healing process and journey

Therapy Can Support You With...

At Cúraim we appreciate the importance of finding the right therapist.

For this reason we offer an initial free consultation done over the phone to help you find the right therapist.
The initial consultation is offered through a senior therapist who is familiar with our full team of therapists.